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Curtis Swanson

The Outdoors

Curtis_Swanson_PictureWith an understanding that personal growth requires both personal challenge and self-reflection, Curtis Swanson is a major advocate for nature, athletics, and spending time outdoors. He enjoys spending his free time with his family especially when they have the opportunity to take advantage of the great outdoors. He loves camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, skiing, and snowmobiling, among other outdoor activities.

Growing up in Montana, Curtis Swanson spent most of his time exploring outside. Taking hikes through the woods or fishing on the lake provided the perfect opportunity for Swanson to develop a real appreciation for the balance of life.

Furthermore, his family would take frequent trips to the Lochsa Lodge, a great place to go hiking, fishing, and hunting in Idaho. It became a place where he could become one with nature, recharge, and find peace.

Spending time outdoors continues to play a major role in Swanson’s life to this day. For Swanson, time outdoors provides him the opportunity to detach from everyday life and reconnect with the people he loves. Whether he is hunting with his father and son or skiing with his sister, Curtis loves to take time to appreciate nature and bond with his family members through various recreational activities.

While he has explored a great deal throughout the Pacific Northwest, Swanson’s favorite places include Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park. As Swanson contends, the beauty that exists within these parks can be overwhelming at times. There is nothing more enjoyable than fully immersing yourself within these magnificent places and reconnecting with nature.

Curtis Swanson is a seasoned business executive with over 20 years of experience growing and operating a wide range of different companies, including restaurants, investments, and medical products. While serving as an executive and affiliated investor in three start-up ventures, Swanson has proven himself as an innovative, forward thinker who is passionate about identifying and creating new opportunities for development and growth. He has a long history of leading successful strategic initiatives, building and leading dynamic teams, and achieving organizational efficiency.

Swanson currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of ClearCyte Diagnostics, Inc., a medical cancer screening solutions company that markets medical cancer screening solutions related to a wide range of medical markets in the United States and Belize, Central America.